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Where to purchase Buoy Sports products is LIVE!

Posted by Bill Page on

Wow.  How long did that take anyway?  I think it was years! 

We now have the Buoy Sports website a page where people can find retail stores who have purchased our products from us for resale up on our website.  Whether you're looking for a really fun backyard or beach game suitable for youth or adults called Buoy Bat, or just looking for a great gift or nautically themed decoration in one of our hanging Maine lobster trap floats or buoys on a rope, you can now find our retailers right here!

Where to Buy!

Our daughter Katherine was with me roughly 8 years ago the day we found a buoy on the rocks in East Boothbay Maine and NOW she's helping us operate our business.  KP did the work to get the stores up on our site and did a great job doing it! 

Over the years we've sold our fun products to many stores including the following stores.

Mocean Cape Cod - Mashpee, MA

Maine Sport Outfitters - Camden, Maine

Bartletts Farm - Nantucket

Buoy Bill

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