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Coastal Living Lobster Trap Floats Article - UGH!

Posted by Bill Page on

What just happened?  Guess we need a publicist here at Buoy Sports.

I was wide awake at 4:15 am today thanks to the garbage truck dude with his really loud back-up alarm!  I decided I'd get an early start on the day as tomorrow is Strawberry Festival here in South Berwick and I've got a lot of work to do getting ready for it.

So...I made some coffee and grabbed a magazine off the shelf to have a quick read.  The magazine was Coastal Living and their July/August 2016 "Simple Joys of Summer" issue.  I quickly noticed a nice photograph on the cover of a wall covered with buoys - none of them ours!

The cover lead me to the index where I found directions to an article on page 28. LOBSTER TRAP FLOATS - ?  Our cool coastal buoys MUST be in here I said with skeptical optimism and if we're not, what is?  Needless to say I was disappointed we'd missed the boat as I flipped to the page and saw this...

Coastal Living Lobster Trap Floats

How lucky were they?  All the big companies who offer buoys for sale were listed in the article EXCEPT Buoy Sports.  Coastal Vintage, Downeast Nautical Salvage, and Traditional Marine Outfitters were all there! Etsy was there too which I guess works for us!

What can I say?  We do our best to get the word out - and that's the best we can do!

Buoy Bill

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