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One Tree, Two Tree, Three Tree FOUR! (Tree!)

Posted by Bill Page on

Another day in Portsmouth begins!  Before setting up the cart today I took a fast walk just like the doctor ordered and chose Pierce Island and Four Tree Island as my ultimate destination. (The later is on the former...if that makes any sense!)

This island is basically a city park and it's set up with charcoal grills, picnic tables, little roof structures, and rest rooms.  There's a nice grassy area at it's center for frisbee...or better yet, Buoy Bat!  When my children were young and we lived in Portsmouth, we came here on a number of Sunday's and had cookouts with our friends.  

The views off Four Tree are amazing if you like your views to contain man made stuff!  The bridge, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the commercial fishing pier, and of course the statue of a mother and daughter looking out over the water representing those who sailed here to find a new life.    Hey, I think that’s why I like it here!  I find it kinda shameful the birds choose this beautiful babies head to do their business!

Speaking of the Navy Yard!  We now have a buoy that represents it.  Soon to be available on our website, currently available in Market Square at The Buoy Guy cart when we are here!

As always, if you're in Portsmouth, stop and check out the many dozens of decorative lobster buoys we offer.  We personalize them right at the booth for you and they make the perfect nautically themed gift.  Whether you're on your way to a housewarming or a wedding, we have a buoy for you!  

Have a great day!

Buoy Bill


Check out the views from Four Tree!


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