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The Buoy Guy - Cool fun things Made in Maine from real lobster trap buoys.

Hello from The Big E!  We're here in West Springfield, MA at the 100th anniversary edition of New England's fair.
Our BOOTHCAM is up at The Big E.  Click here to watch.
Did you meet us at The Big E and see something you liked in our booth?  Not all the products in our booth are ours so please click on the Big E logo above for links to our partner product websites.
This is our first event under our new brand The Buoy Guy!
The Buoy Guy
Please stop and say hi to us in the Maine building on the Avenue of States!
See pictures of our booth at the 2016 Big E here.  
What do you know call them - Lobster Trap Floats or Lobster Trap Buoys?
It started with THE ORIGINAL BUOY BAT...Made in Maine with real lobster trap buoys and hardwood handles.  Easy to use because it's light with a GIANT sweet-spot. Played like baseball, Wiffle ball, or stick ball, comes with a face-friendly ball - doesn't hurt if it hits you - doesn't break windows. Makes a cool thumping noise when you hit with it - hear it on the video. Perfectly balanced - every hit feels like a home run - see it on the video. Awesome family game perfect for coastal living family-fun.
Then came our decorative Maine lobster trap floats...or buoys on a rope...we call them WELCOME BUOYS.  Our decorative hanging trap floats are bright, Coastal Living Cool and 100% nautically fun!  Whether you're into a downeast nautical or traditional marine them, we have buoys and floats made for fishing for lobster or crab for you!  We offer designs for everyone and everywhere...the beach, lakes, sports, destinations, pets, and patriotic designs make our buoys unique and fun.  Available PERSONALIZED - Our buoys are new, not salvage and make a unique coastal themed gift for any occasion including housewarmings, hostess, thank you, graduation, weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. Or, just give them to be nice because being nice is FUN!    
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