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About The Buoy Guy's Family

Buoy Sports LLC is owned and managed by Buoy Bill and his wife Susan. Bill is The Buoy Guy! Their three children Katherine, Sydney and Harrison all play roles in this home-based family business.  

Since a young age, Bill has been a creative thinker with a desire to fix, invent, and make cool fun things from ordinary stuff. Buoy Sports was founded based on the idea that making a ball bat from a lobster buoy might lead to some fun and maybe even a business.    

Bill grew up in Hanover, NH and spent extensive time in Ogunquit, Maine with his grandparents Stanley and Betty Orcutt who were summer residents of the seaside village.  

Stan was a beachcomber and frequently came home with lobster buoys he'd found on Ogunquit beach.  As a child, Bill thought the buoys were cool and he still does!

The Pages live in in South Berwick, Maine 10 miles inland from Ogunquit with their dog Daisy and two cats.

Please see The Story of Buoy Sports to learn how we got into this business!