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Summer Arrived In Portsmouth Today - Oh whatta day!

Posted by Bill Page on

Summer Day.  Buoy Day.  Your Buoy.  Your Way.  

Whatta day!

It was an awesome day in Portsmouth selling personalized Welcome Buoys and The Original Buoy Bats to people downtown!!  Beautiful weather.  Met a LOT of fun people. Saw a cute little dog.  Helped many visitors find their couldn't have BEEN a better day.

Had a visit with Rob - of Warner's Hallmark - Rob sells Lobster Rope Doormats (as do I) made by my friend's Dave Bird and Dave Carter at Maine Rope Mats - a division of Custom CordageThese guys were the first company in Maine to start making these lobster rope doormats for commercial purposes from rope that was due to be sent to landfills when the government regulated the use of "float" rope because whales were (apparently) becoming entangled in it.  (see the story at their website) They used the idea to keep their employees at the rope factory employed full-time during slow times while at the same time finding a use for the rope.  They now offer recycled and "new" lobster rope doormats which are shipped around the country and around the world through wholesale accounts such as LL BEAN and ACE Hardware.

How many bridal showers can Portsmouth support?  Some days while selling my buoys and personalizing them for folks right on the spot, I am frequently distracted by the many entourages of these lively groups who are wishing their friends soon to be wed in holy matrimony - a fond - "are you out of your head?".  This group won best in show as they had the whole groom firmly in tow.  See for yourself, it's pretty darn good!  Check out the grooms NEW page on INSTAGRAM HERE!


And then there was LUKE - The Frenchy from SAULT !!

Oh whatta day it was in Portsmouth, NH USA!



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