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Lobster Buoys - What To Expect

Real Lobster Buoys - Made for Fishing, not Fashion! 

All of our products are made from real foam fishing buoys and after handling the first thousand or so many years ago, we came to realize no two in the world are exactly alike. Like fingerprints - they can be similar but each one is guaranteed unique.

Because it's not important for their intended use, the process of making buoys is not perfect.  Like cookies, loaves of bread...or fingerprints...when buoys are done, no two are alike. 

Variation in size, shape, texture, weight, density, and contour are routine and beyond our control. Most buoys also have characteristic marks on them caused by coming in contact with various items from the time they leave the mold until we receive them here in Maine. Manufacturing equipment, cooling racks, shipping boxes, workers hands, etc etc can come in contact with buoys before they're completely cured resulting in permanent unavoidable characteristics.   

The paint, designs, stripes, and lettering we add to the buoys are all hand-applied here in our shop. Because humans do the work not machines, the final appearance from buoy to buoy is never exactly the same either.

The bottom line is...these are real foam fishing buoys...we paint and personalize them by two are alike...and absolute perfection cannot be guaranteed. Based on this, we do appreciate your cooperation in considering differences you may notice on your buoy(s) character, not defects. 

We ship our products in a bag to keep them clean and prevent damage in shipping or storage.  Our paint is kid-safe, environmentally friendly, and durable but in certain situations damage can occur.  

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about buoys!