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Italian Lobster Buoy - Everything You've Ever Wanted...If you're Italian

Posted by Bill Page on

Hey?  Just a quick note today as it's late and I am tired!  

Got the blog feeding away so people can see it and subscribe if they want...and I just started talking to Buoy wife about making some posts herself.

Today was a hard one...tooooo much to do, not enough focus.  I was able to get set up to put our Personalized Welcome Buoy Painted Name option on our new Italian Buoy and our new Reggae Rasta Buoy!  Believe it or not, little projects like this are hard to get to but oh so worth it when their done.  Here's a sample of a name on the Italian Buoy and on that note -

Good Night! 

ps...just realized I still need to post the Italian Buoy - Stay Tuned for that and contact us if you want one!


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