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Perkins Cove, Ogunquit Maine - Time Out!

Posted by Bill Page on

Had to drop some buoys off at store in Ogunquit this afternoon...and it was perfect timing because I needed a time out after a stressful day!  If you know why the power went out in South Berwick for about 3 hours today...please fill me in as I want to speak with the instigator!

Ogunquit is my favorite place to take timeouts.  I went by myself today but I'm usually with the kids.  When I'm there with the kids...there's ALWAYS some exploring but today I found myself doing it anyway even though there were no kids with me.  53 years old; still playing on the rocks at the coast.

Why was today stressful - ?  Today was the day I decided to get our new COASTAL COOL series of buoys up on the web which meant a photo shoot, and a lot of computer time. Remember the power outage?  Well now you know why I decided to deliver those buoys to Ogunquit TODAY!

And it would be silly if I didn't mention what ELSE I did while I was in the cove today.  You guessed it...I ate.  Fish Chowder, a Cheeseburger, and YELLOW lemonade at my favorite restaurant in the cove - The Lobster Shack.  This meal has been a staple in my life for over almost 30 years and I just love it.  I was a little sad to hear Jason the owner say they'd done away with PINK lemonade this year so from now on as I drink my yellow I'll just shut my eyes.   (I took some pictures of my food to text to my usual eat-at-the-shack-friend Yves and sent them to I'll share them with you too!)

It was a beautiful day and an even better sunset...I took a picture of the lobster boats while I was there.

Buoy Bill 


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