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Coastal Cool, Nautical - Coastal Tone Pastel Colors are REAL close!

Posted by Bill Page on

Hey There!

So why has it taken us so long to add a few coastal cool colors to our offerings? We know they'll appeal to the coastal living crowd and we're finally going to do it! Why so long is a good question and the real answer is time. We've been thinking about it but in this business, you can't just run out, grab some paint, and start painting. Unfortunately it's NOT that easy. Testing. Feasibility. Demand. Cost. How do we personalize them?  Black will look BAD!?!?! These are all thinks we think about before we actually do something like this. To grab a phrase from the Buoy Bat side of the business, we're pretty sure our new Coastal Cool series is going to be a hit!  Stay tuned...we're doing a photo shoot tomorrow and then we'll put them up!  

In the meantime...I did some work to our home page tonight after finally figuring out how to add text below the big pictures!  Check it out - Buoy Sports Home Page Here!

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