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You Snooze, You Lose!

Posted by Bill Page on

Oh what a day!

Today marks my first day as a street vendor in Portsmouth when I snoozed and lost!  Huh you ask?  As a licensed vendor, I’m able to set up in 1 of 7 regulated spaces whenever I want.  Today was the first day I showed up and another vendor was in the spot I like best.  So, I moved to my 2nd favorite spot which in turn moved Caleb to his 2nd favorite spot!  Caleb’s my buddy and he was a good sport about it!  So in reality, I didn't lose!  (The picture of me above with my cart was yesterday in my favorite spot in front of the Portsmouth Athenaeum)

Caleb considers himself a representational artist who specializes in Portsmouth scenes.  He's been a street vendor in Portsmouth for over 10 years!  Stop and say hello to him next time you’re in town.  If he’s here, he’ll likely be set up on Pleasant Street in front of Bank of America or our locally owned Piscataqua Savings Bank.  Locally owned?  Yes…locally owned…that’s so cool.  This is their only branch. 

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