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The 4th of July in Brooksville, Maine - Why do I do it?

Posted by Bill Page on

Wow it's been a long time since I've found the time to write a post!  Just too busy making Welcome Buoys, personalized or plain and Buoy Bats to fit it all in!  Well...there's more to it then that (like a full-time job!) but it's a good start on this post and I'm not ready to share it all anyway!

This year, rather then sell buoys in downtown Portsmouth at my buoy cart, I decided to take a short trip with the family. We rented a cottage in Brooksville, Maine I found on VRBO and Daisy was welcome! We're here...the kids are still sleeping...and yes there's WiFi so I decided to write a post.

Why do I really do what I do? Why did I invent the Buoy Bat? Why do I spend hours and hours alone in the garage and weekend after weekend out in the world at places like the Maine Lobster Festival, Yarmouth Clam Festival, The Big E and others A-W-A-Y from my family? For years now I've questioned my motive and logic but never really figured it out. Independence? Survival? Heredity?  

When I started this post I didn't know the answer to my question and then it happened. I intended to figure it out as I typed and then, "DING!". - In came an email from my mother. She sent me a picture to wish my sisters and me a happy fourth of July. It's a picture of HER with one of HER creations - URSULA!

My mother - Sally, or Baci as she chose to be called when her first grandchild was born is the answer to my question! She's the reason I do what I do.

Mom makes fun. She always has and she always will. She likes to make people happy and she's darn good at it. She's a crafter, a creator, an organizer and a cheerleader. She's been a mover and a shaker since before I was born and I inherited it...or she taught me it...or I caught it...not sure how she passed it to me, but I have it and she's the reason. She's why I do what I do and I have evidence to prove it! 

My parents were divorced when I was young and we lived with my Mom.  She did it all for us so we could become the best little people she knew how to produce. She taught us to be kind, caring, polite and compassionate. On top of all that, she taught us to have fun and make fun, we ALL do it, and I can prove it! Is that proof enough? 

My older sister Kathy? She's the Cupcake Queen of The Upper Valley!  She's done a lot as an entrepreneur but today - she makes people happy with cupcakes!  See them all at her website in the link above!  Love you KP!


My younger sister Betsy, she's created fun for years as an illustrator for Cricket Magazine and Stave Puzzles.   Check out all her puzzles at the link to Stave Puzzles! Love you too little sister!

Well that's it!  I rest my case and my question is ANSWERED! My mother - she's the reason I do what I do!

Love you Mom! Happy 4th of July!  

Buoy Bill - The Buoy Guy!

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