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Maine Lobster Festival - There's nothing quite like it.

Posted by Bill Page on

I think this my seventh year as a vendor at the Maine Lobster Festival here in Rockland Maine.  This year, 2017 marks the 70th year of MLF which began as a tribute to the lobstermen of this tight-knit and hardworking community.  The festival is run entirely by volunteers and let me tell you, these people get it done and they get it done right.  Hey! You can volunteer don't even need to live here. I've meet people from all over America who give up part of their summer vacation to volunteer here.  Maybe you should look into here to learn more! 

Maine Lobster Festival

Volunteer-of-all-trades Celia Knight of Knight Marine Service in Rockland working the microphone as emcee of the cooking contest. (below)

Celia Knight - Emcee Extraordinaire Year after Year!

My booth is positioned just inside the North gate.  It's the gate where the buses pull up to drop off all the people.  I get a birds-eye view of them as they wander down the hill, stop and pay at the gate, then continue down in.  Many of them stop to check out my buoys, some pick one out, tell me how they want it personalized, pay for it, then head out to have some fun and eat some lobster!  Here comes a busload of them now!  

Check out my changes every year but this is a picture from this year.   Building the booth is all about fun for me.  It take me hours but I have fun doing it.  I want my guests to have fun being in it and I want them to remember it as the highlight of their experience. People can stand and look for a long time trying to see all the fun designs we've created over the years.  We've got buoys for just about everyone!  Here's a short list: anchors, starfish, lobsters, crabs, dogs, coast guard, marine corps, navy, army, air force, police, firefighter, troopers, outer banks, hcokey, key west, cape cod, cuttyhunk, nantucket, martha's vineyard, and maine!  Many more to chose from!  Our buoys make great nautically themed coastal gifts and are great for any occasion!  Weddings, birthdays, housewarming, whatever the occasion, we have a buoy for you!

Today's the seafood cooking contest in the North Entertainment tent!  Man it smells good!  Year after year I get to watch and smell as these amazing cooks whip up some of the most amazing seafood dishes you can imagine.  The dishes are rated by guest judges and maybe someday I'll get to be one of them!  Today I met the Executive Commander of the USS Mahan who's been chosen to be a judge.  We chatted and as a father of three children, I couldn't help but comment to her that her parents must be very proud!

Executive Officer USS Mahan


Seafood Cooking Contest Maine Lobster Festival 2017

Ohkay...time to get back to work selling buoys here at the Maine Lobster Festival!

Buoy Bill - The Buoy Guy!

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