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Making Progress on the new Buoy Sports website!

Posted by Bill Page on

Wow!  Things are moving along rapidly with this new website...a lot of trial and error and help from my two friends named Andy!  

Andy #1 is Andrew Cook of Lobstering is an Art fame.  He's been coaching me throughout the process and Andy #2 is Andy Buckman shown here with me and some other friends many many years ago.  

Andy B. gave me a hand last night figuring out how to use the "options" app so people could choose their ball and order personalization and it was good to hang with him for a while.  Andy loves old cars (like I do) and here in this picture we're standing in front of my 1919 Studebaker.  That's me to the far right with our first child Katherine and Andy's next in line.  Andrew Cook...aka Lobster Art Boy was literally not in my picture way back in about 2002 when this picture was taken.

Our new website is up and running!  Check it out here!

Talk Later - Buoy Bill

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