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Buoy Bat & Ball Sets

Played like baseball, Buoy Bats come with a Little Blaster face-friendly ball.

OK - It's time. Due to the largest buoy manufacturer in the world deciding to stop making them, we have been unable to source buoys that work for us ever since.

We've been trying to get by using buoys from another manufacturer but their buoys are not the same and the process we've used for years is no longer working consistently.

As the guy who paints the buoys, I'm tired of experiencing failure after failure during the painting process - it is just not fun for me anymore.

Because of this, we are turning sales of everything but KEYCHAINS & REPLACEMENT BALLS "off" while we make a big decision about how to procced. I hate to do this - but I also like to be happy and this is just not happy times for me anymore like it used to be!!

I appreciate all your support in the past - it has been fun making people happy with our products!

Sincerely - Buoy Bill, Sue & the kids, Katherine, Sydney & Harrison.

Perfect for the beach, backyard, or playground. Safe, easy, and fun for all ages and abilities.

Light and easy to use, a perfect multi-generational family game...everyone can play together.
Choose your ball when ordering...we offer larger balls called Big Blasters and a harder ball called the Pro Blaster. 
Handmade in Maine by The Buoy Guy with real lobster buoys and hardwood handles.

- Patented -